Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences

An intuitive, user-friendly design which encourages repeat visits

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Their project

The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences aims to provide opportunities for practitioners, academics and interested parties to congregate, communicate and collaborate and is committed to providing opportunities for professional development. The website is an integral tool for engaging current and attracting new members.

CFSF were looking for an online portal that would demonstrate the value for money of a CSFS membership, as well as elevating themselves to the position of the go-to place for professionals within the industry. Reducing administration overheads and streamlining manual back office processes was also a goal.




Our approach

We spent months in workshops and meetings discussing their ideas and the needs of their members. We integrated the CSFS site with MemberBase, meaning the online join processes are not only easy to use for members, but information is easily accessible for administrators. An intuitive, user-friendly design encourages repeat visits.


The outcome

A smoother and more intuitive user-journey will contribute greatly to CSFS’s placement as the go-to portal for industry knowledge. We expect to see an increase in membership numbers as well as individual member satisfaction. Time saved by site administrators will mean better efficiency in tasks which previously demanded lots of attention.