19 December 2017 Christine

Freeing up the homepage

As far as design goes, it looks like 2018 will continue to see more and more agencies releasing the shackles of conventional homepage templates. In doing this two techniques are becoming mainstream. The first is a ‘floating navigation’ - meaning a navigation which sits at the top of a web page and remains static as the user scrolls down the page. Such ‘sticky’ navigation menus allow for easy access to the rest of the website, thereby encouraging a fluid user journey while giving the freedom to showcase the other on-trend web design technique; large, impactful imagery.

The most popular way to stand out for 2018 will be to say a lot with a little, and what better way to do this than with bold and beautiful visual media. This solution is particularly attractive to smaller websites and those organisations who have key call-outs in their navigation, as it means the goal of the website is never far away from the visitor.

How could you free up your homepage?

For a membership organisation, it’s easy to follow the same cookie-cutter technique as many in the third sector, but as technology progresses, the next generation of members are looking for something which packs more of a punch. A video, graphics, an animation or a simple, yet beautiful photograph relating to your field of interest can be a huge draw for savvy members who are looking for a future-proof membership community. The benefits of this simple, yet highly engaging design is that there is little that comes between your organisation and your potential members. Their user journey is intuitive, and ensures their natural next step is to join.

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