19 December 2017

Influencer marketing

Increasingly in 2017, influencer marketing is something that has grown in significance. For the uninitiated, put simply Influencer Marketing means that social media users with a wide net of followers can be called upon to use and market a product, thus influencing their community of loyal fans. However, in 2017 this has come at a price for a few organisations, who have found themselves linked with the potentially controvercial personal opinions of such influencers.

The past two years have seen politics become part of everyday lives in a way that hasn’t quite been seen before, and social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter have become extremely powerful political platforms. Influencers with the loudest voices and largest fan bases can be vocal on political topics, causing panicked reactions from companies which rely on them for their advertising. In response, their desired audience react negatively to the brand at the idea that their idols could lose their jobs due to their beliefs. Such was the story of L’Oréal and their short-lived brand ambassador Munroe Bergdorf earlier this year.

How could you use influencer marketing?

Before embarking on influencer marketing it’s important that your whole team fully understands your brand and the ethos of your organisation. As long as you know what you stand for, you can see which influential people in the public eye you could look to for support.

If you’re not sure whether influencer marketing if for you, look at your target audience. The platforms that work best for such marketing are places which use more visual forms of media, like YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat, and these happen to be the platforms considered most important by young people (83% of US 12-17 year olds use this channel). Millennials and young people are much more trusting of the technology with which they have been raised, and so this method of advertising could be a boon for those looking to attract a younger audience.

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