Membership Tips

23 October 2018 Andy

Time to modernise your association's logo and branding?

This time we’re looking at why and how to modernise your branding. Lately, more and more associations are looking to update their identity, just like we did for the NAJ.

But why?

The answer is often “flexibility” – these days a logo needs to work in a whole range of sizes and formats. From traditional print materials such as business cards to modern uses like social media profile pictures, a modern logo needs to work across a variety of media.

Often, associations have very intricate logos or crests with a lot of detail. Logos like these tend not to adapt well to smaller uses and often don't work when used as one solid colour.

Modernise your logo or brand

If you feel that your association would benefit from a modernisation of your logo or a complete rebranding, then we can help. We’re an agency specialising in membership associations, with plenty of experience with logos and branding.

Our design services

For modernisation we offer two different services:

  • Logo modernisation at £750
  • A full rebrand from £3,950 - which includes a brand guidelines document and new logo development

We also design print and digital stationery including business cards, PowerPoint slides, general document templates and social media branding. Prices are available upon request.

Let’s get started

If you are wanting to update your brand, then we’d love to hear from you. Either reply to this email, call 0115 838 9555 or email