The smarter way to log your learning and record CPD for both end users and managers. Stay focused on your continuous professional development and let RiverCPD do the tracking.



Built from the feedback and ideas of our community of clients, we’ve spent our time crafting RiverCPD to work best for members. The result is CPD software designed purely to meet any requirement a user would need in both design and function.

Professional development requires a notoriously complex balance of studying, recording and storing information, and RiverCPD ensures this process is easy to manage. The outcome is a CPD management system that fits into busy schedule and works beautifully on any device; perfect for busy professionals.

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Fully equipped

Offering CPD software is a huge draw for members looking to advance in their field and it can set your organisation aside from your competitors. Therefore it is essential to ensure that your CPD has the right tools so that professionals know they can develop without losing time or energy managing their CPD.


User experience

RiverCPD is tailored to those who would be using it most. It can be used by people of all ages and abilities; people who might be learning in any spare moment they get. For this reason it works as easily on a train as it does at a desk, and its fluidity means that your account can be accessed and updated wherever you are, at any time.




easily integrated


Easily integrated

Another feature which makes RiverCPD perfect for the user is its integration with other software. You might have many educational features to offer your members, from events to reports to videos. With RiverCPD, every event your member attends, or paper they downloaded can be stored through its integration with your CMS and CRM software.