Designed to complement the existing website while adding fresh and quirky features

D&TTV Banner



Their project

D&TTV is the video channel for one of the leading associations in the UK for the Design and Technology Association. DATA are passionate about championing a subject they call “inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which prepares all young people to live and work in the designed and made world.”

The key objectives for D&TTV are to encourage visitors to their website; to add membership value by making their resources more accessible; and to encourage membership. The site was designed to complement the existing website, reflecting its look and feel while adding fresh, quirky features which set it apart.




Our approach

Designed to be accessible by teachers and pupils alike, videos can be organised by ‘Most Popular’ or alphabetical order, can be ‘shared’ among Facebook or Twitter and a lights on/off function enables viewers to watch all videos on a black background; ideal for a learning environment.


The outcome

A page entirely dedicated to details on becoming a member encourages more individuals to join, and once they join benefits include access to member-only videos not available to the public. We expect to see DATA’s membership quality and quantity grow over the coming years thanks to D&TTV.