The National Association of Jewellers

A website and rebrand to nurture, support and enable the jewellery community

naj banner


Their project

The NAJ is the UK’s leading jewellery trade association representing over 2,000 members that operate in every aspect of the jewellery industry. As an industry-leading education provider, they deliver internationally recognised qualifications, exciting short courses and bespoke business mentoring.

The new website and branding allows the NAJ to nurture, support and enable the jewellery community by providing insight, education, advice and a voice to, and for, the sector. Thus everyone can stay a step ahead of change and do better business.




Our approach

Firstly, the NAJ were struggling with the inflexibility of their current branding.

We redesigned the logo and stationery so that it is now much more flexible and recognisable across a variety of media whilst keeping the character and history of the logo intact.


The outcome

A much more modern website that has simpler user journeys and further places the NAJ as an authority in the jewellery industry.

Member directories showcase current members in a stylish way and the consumer section offers a wealth of information for those looking to buy, sell or insure jewellery.