Premium+ package

The premium+ package is our most deluxe package, perfect for anyone who knows the true value of their online presence. If you're finding that you and your team are regularly updating the website and know that your web marketing would benefit from more work, the premium+ package will ensure your budget goes further.

Our premium+ package gives you a much cheaper hourly rate; with 156 of studio hours over the year you're receiving almost 20% off our going rate! As always, you can use your studio hours on any Senior service; from design and development to marketing and SEO. We also offer a premium booster training session for our River suite.

The best part is our premium+ package is customisable and can be tailored to your organisation. You can request more than 156 hours completely free if required, meaning the more hours you request, the more you save.





What's included

The premium+ package opens up a world of opportunities for your organisation's online presence. The benefits are many, and with a package customised to your needs the more work we do for you, the more you'll save.

  • Additional website storage from 5GB to 7GB
  • 13 hours studio time per month
  • Google Analytics Data Studio set-up

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The premium+ package is perfect if you're ambitious about how your web presence can boost your organisation. Your website is the home of your organisation online and keeping it up-to-date and future-proof can take a lot of work. With the premium+ package you'll gain the time and support you need to see your online presence thrive. Download your order form or get in touch with the team for more information.

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