06 March 2017

A new look for Boots Opticians Franchise’s new site!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Boots Opticians Franchise’s new website. We are so pleased to have been chosen to work with Boots Opticians, one of the largest and most successful brands ever to have come from Nottingham.

This marks our first ever launch as web suppliers for Boots Opticians Franchise, and it was our long-term clients Flame Health who recommended us for the task. We were chosen after initial meetings gave the lovely folks at Boots Opticians confidence that we’d produce the best results for them. We look forward to a long and creative relationship with them.

What did they want from their new site?

The site is dedicated to giving Optometrists throughout the UK the opportunity to open or work within a Boots Franchise branch. It was imperative that their new site simplify as much as possible what could be a complex process, while at the same time ensuring that candidates are of a high quality.

They wanted a sure-fire way of encouraging skilled optometrists to get in touch, and to provide a hive of information for professionals in the industry. We worked together on their new Case Studies area so site visitors can see what others have done and know what to expect from a Boots Opticians Franchise.

Key features

The most significant feature for Boots Opticians Franchise’s new website is their bespoke hidden form for applications which is made available to candidates once their authenticity has been verified. We have also provided ‘Request a call back’ forms which are user-friendly and mobile responsive. As the site is designed for busy people who are constantly on-the-go it was vital that the entire site function beautifully and look its best when viewed on any device.

Graphics and photography are fresh and contemporary, and easily-digestible dynamic infographics simplify the selection and application process. This design not only compliments a site user’s busy lifestyle, but also encourages a user-journey throughout the website.

Customisable banners are used to portray the latest news and information, again ensuring a positive user-experience.


Boots Opticians Franchise are keen to establish a tone of voice throughout their website. They’re hoping the look and feel of the new site will further strengthen the Boots brand. They’re looking to communicate more of an air of sophistication and professionalism while remaining approachable.

Ultimately the goal of the site is to give the opportunity to talented Optometrists to join the Franchise. This will mean more branches for more affordable, yet high quality eye care on highstreets throughout the UK.

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