29 April 2016

Atomic upgrade: Nuclear Institute’s new site!

We’re happy to announce another successful launch of 2016! Our relationship with the Nuclear Institute is one which goes back 4 years now. We began working with them in 2012 when we designed and built their first ever site!

What did they want from their new site?

When we launched the NI’s first website back in 2012 the site was already quite large. Happily, the organisation has grown substantially over the subsequent 4 years, and they were finding that the content and style had outgrown the site, and it needed a little expansion.

They wanted a more modern and fresh look, with, of course, mobile responsiveness, and clearer, more stylised calls to action throughout. The NI are keen to welcome more new comers into the industry and for that they needed a knowledge hub built for networking which could act as the spearhead for the Nuclear sector.

Key features

The initial plan was to simply refresh a few pages, but as the content hadn’t changed since the first site was built, a more sizable project began. Notable features include an interactive timeline built with mobile in mind; you can swipe or scroll through different years on touchscreen devices or click to see more information.

A new ‘join’ section with a more intuitive application process was built using Microsoft Dynamics, and the whole site will integrate with RiverCRM (coming soon!) On top of this we’ve provided NI members with an entirely new homepage with personalised touches and access to their CPD.


The homepage is now an expertly utilised space dedicated to advertising the latest events and industry information, meaning the NI should see an increase in attendance. New templates are much more easy to update meaning the site can continue to be fresh and relevant for members.

The NI’s marketing officer gave us this great compliment on the week of launch:

“We’ve had some very positive feedback on the look and feel of the website this morning so just wanted to pass on our thanks to the team. You did a really great job on this!”

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