30 November 2015

GAFTA reap the benefits of a site with Senior

We’re delighted to announce our penultimate site launch of 2015! The Grain and Feed Trade Association, or GAFTA, are an international Trade Association with over 1500 Members in 89 countries. They promote international trade in grain, animal feed materials, pulses and rice and to protect the interests of their members worldwide, providing support and international contacts and they now have a brand new Senior site to help!

Our history

The new GAFTA website was born out of a yearlong relationship. We met frequently to thoroughly understand the organisation’s needs and what they wanted for their vast global membership. Training, contracts, arbitration, events, news; you name it, GAFTA provides it for their members and we were excited to find brand new ways to help them to provide this.

What did they want from their new site?

The challenge was the overhaul their current site designs, while maintaining their style and branding. The site is information rich, so we needed to find an innovative way of engaging members and ensuring content is easily digestible.

Key features

As with all our new builds, the GAFTA site is fully responsive, which is especially important to GAFTA whose members aren’t all office based. We also developed some stylish animations to enhance the user interface and present important information in an innovative way.

GAFTA’s signature branding and colour scheme has been translated to their new site and continues throughout, which ties the site together neatly giving it a contemporary, and professional feel. We’ve also been able to integrate with “civi”, their resident CRM system, for their forms and directories meaning they’ll easily be able to keep their files up to date.


The new GAFTA website represents the best of the next generation of Senior sites. They’re a large and vital membership organisation and with their shiny new site we’re sure that this will only increase. We also fully expect to see their site gain accolades and recognised in their industry in the years to come.

In case you missed it...