06 April 2016

BSHAA’s new site is hear to stay!

Spring has officially sprung and we’re celebrating our latest site launch; the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists’ brand new website. This new project is the result of a long standing collaboration which began in 2014.

What did they want from their website?

BSHAA’s requirements for their website reflected those shared by many organisations throughout the UK. Some tend to leave their websites many years before they decide to update, and find that, once they do, they see massive growth. This is because while an organisation’s website isn’t changing; its target audience is. BSHAA wanted a site that looks more modern and vivacious. They’re eager to welcome in the next generation of industry professionals and want to rebrand the audiologist profession as a whole to appeal to this younger audience.

They were also keen to streamline the application process and allow it to be self-service. This will greatly reduce back-end work and gives the folks at BSHAA more time to concentrate on becoming a vital information hub for hearing aid audiologists. They wanted the site to stand as a hive of information for the profession, and be the go-to resource for public concerns about hearing.

Key features

Our team worked hard to design the fresher, more contemporary look they were searching for and provided new photography and clean imagery throughout. New landing pages dedicated to giving hearing advice for the public were created, such as Healthy Hearing.

We provided MemberBase CRM for them which offers strong security for their member-only area. This means that much of their content is now dedicated for registered users only, which allows a world of information to open up exclusively to members – a great incentive to join the organisation.

Using bespoke River modules we provided important membership staples such as e-alerts, newsletters and events and conferences.


Happily, the site has received some excellent feedback from current members, and BSHAA are finding many more users are engaging with the website and its content. Back-end processes have also greatly improved which means that BSHAA will be able to spend more time on tending to the needs of their members and sounding the horn for the audiologist profession.

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