24 December 2015

Web design gets personal: Live Chat and Instagram

It’s easy to think of the internet as a library of limitless information, and websites as books, but over the years it has proved to be more than this. In 2016 the internet acts more like a city, with each user becoming a resident. As such, it’s more important than ever to think about your website from an aesthetic perspective. Internet users want to be engaged, presented to and talked to. Live Chat is a technological trend that isn’t going away and is hugely beneficial to your members. This could also be connected to another trend for 2016; the use of Instagram for businesses. Experts say that “while Facebook has seen a 63% decrease in organic marketing reach since 2012, Instagram has seen a 115% increase in the same period.”

How does this benefit membership organisations like you?

Make 2016 the year you start talking to your membership. Find a web provider with a sophisticated Live Chat module (like Senior Internet) and look at how Live Chat can benefit your organisation and members. Whether you want to increase event attendance, or persuade people to renew their membership talking to them is the best, and most friendly way to connect. Still using Facebook? Add Instagram to your repertoire.

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Ask the experts - Steve, Senior Programmer


What are your top 5 trends of 2016?

  1. IoT  - Internet of things going main stream (Light bulbs, fridges etc all connected to the web)
  2. Smart metering going main stream – see your electricity usuage on your phone in real time
  3. HTTPS everywhere (google penalising websites who don’t use it)
  4. Better broadband speeds
  5. More mainstream 4K Video streams

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