Membership Tips

01 August 2016 Christine

Are you engaging your members?

Before we can answer this question, let’s define what ‘engaging’ means. In the web marketing world, the term ‘engagement’ refers to how your site visitors interact with and respond to your website and other online materials. Variables such as how long users are spending on your site, where they’re going, how many and which pages they look at and how quickly they leave tell us everything we need to know about your site’s engagement.

We were particularly impressed with the engagement levels on the 'why advertise in newsbrands' page; I think it was an average of 8 minutes in the first month and 6 minutes over the year.

Andrew - Website Manager, Newsworks

The problem

What if, once you’ve gathered this data, you discover that the answer to our question is ‘no’? You realise that these metrics have steadily been decreasing and that this may have had a direct effect on the number of members signing up to your events, purchasing from your shop or even joining your organisation.

We know all organisations care a great deal about their members, but it’s easy to be too close to your site to know where to make changes. Here’s a few things you can do to guarantee engagement.

When was the last time you wrote something new for your website; be it a news article or a new page? If it takes more than a few seconds to recall, it might be time to get creating. All industries, from science to engineering to education are constantly changing, and your membership are probably keen to know what you have to say.

Yes, it’s a real cliché, but a picture says a thousand words. If your membership are busy industry professionals it’s likely they spend most of their time on the go; so well placed, beautifully crafted infographics to help make vital information more digestible is a useful and appealing way to engage.

Last August the British Parking Association launched a quiz where visitors could determine what kind of parker they were. This is a shining example of a quiz success story; not only was the campaign nominated for an Associations Award, but they had 3000 people respond in the first 24 hours!

Live chat has helped many organisations in lots of different sectors to communicate with their site visitors. It’s a great way to gather information one on one as it enables you to talk face to face with your audience. It also helps your members feel like they’re getting the most from your service.

Not entirely sure what your members are looking for? Ask them. Everyone likes to be asked their opinion and feel their voice is being heard. Email is not only a great way to be seen, it’s also perfect for letting them know about all of your new features.

Luckily, Senior Internet are fully equipped to supply your organisation with these features and many more. We already have a community of membership, non-profit, charitable and trade associations who see us as an extension to their marketing team and have made use of our 17 years' industry experience to help their website continue to successfully engage their members.