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06 October 2016 Christine

Brand evolution: why is it essential?

The best way to attract website visitors, reach your organisation’s goals and ultimately gain members is to be seen. To be seen you need to be memorable and the best way to do this is with branding!

Many membership organisations believe that there are some things about their design and branding that shouldn’t ever change. Their logo is one of them. It’s common to think of your logo like your fingerprint; a consistent memento of your organisation and an unchanging beacon that makes the difference between, say, the Institute of Science Teachers and the Institute for the Teaching of Science.

The interesting thing is that your logo should change almost as much as your site does (and, just in case you don’t already know, your site’s design should be refreshed at least once every 2 years to remain appealing to audiences and user-friendly).

Check out our latest YouTube video about how we use design to reach members.

It’s generally considered good practice to polish your logo every 5 years and some companies spend vast sums of money on the smallest change; in fact fruit juice drink Tropicana spent 35 million dollars on a recent design. We’re definitely not saying this is how much a redesign should cost; most membership organisations work to a tight budget, but it serves as a great example of just how important modernisation is. Think of any memorable logo and a little research will tell you that its design has been rethought multifarious times throughout that company’s lifetime; the changes are subtle but they’re there.


With Senior Internet, you can freshen up your logo to be more appealing and modern which will help you not only stick in people’s minds but usher in your next generation of members! Get in touch to find out how we can help you update today, or take a look at how else you can ensure your organisation is seen

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