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10 December 2015 Christine

How 2015's top 5 industry buzzwords can help your marketing

It’s crazy to see how fast the world of marketing and advertising changes year by year. Methods of getting the word out evolve so rapidly that maintaining the interest of your audience and keeping up with your competitors means that you have to be two steps ahead.

It’s human nature to enjoy a little nostalgia and there’s no better to time than December to look back on the year behind and evaluate what we’ve learnt for the year ahead. This week was Microsoft's turn to indulge, revealing Bing’s top 5 most searched for industry buzzwords of 2015 and they’re a great indication of where your competitors are going with their marketing in the coming year.

According to Bing; 'Social Marketing' and 'Content Marketing' were Microsoft’s 4th and 5th most searched for advertising and marketing terms in 2015. This revelation should tell you where your users are probably looking to find you and therefore where you should be going to find them! In 2016, make sure your social media presence is up to date and your content is modern and relevant.

Internet users are no longer looking to settle for less than the best technologies.


'Personalisation' was the 3rd most searched for industry term, meaning marketers are looking to tailor their content to their individual user or target audience. This method can be transformed to work for your organisation, as membership CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics are perfect for tailoring information to your individual members.

Finally the top positions on Microsoft’s list were and ‘Real-Time’ at number 2 and ‘Augmented Reality’ at number 1. These might sound like hi-tech buzzwords that have nothing to do with a membership organisation or a company like yours, but what they do tell us is that internet users are no longer looking to settle for less than the best technologies.

Take a look at your web presence. Are you using photography? Are your pages dynamic? Is your content information rich and to the point? Are you communicating with site visitors on a number of platforms; for example, email, social media, live chat or quizzes? If not, the New Year is a great time to make the change.

This rate of technological evolution means if you don’t have the time to cultivate your own marketing services it might be time to look for help, and that’s where we come in. We have a marketing team on hand to offer you the latest services which can benefit your organisation and propel your online presence into 2016. Get in touch with one of the team to find out more.