Membership Tips

28 January 2016

Top tips to keep your members happy!

Each membership organisation has different aims; some provide knowledge for the education sector, some showcase talents in the arts, others inform users with medical and scientific guidance; but the elements which keep website users engaged and interested are the same across the board.

During our article launched at the end of last year, we touched on what we expect from the technological and digital world in 2016. These kinds of lists are great indicators of the global zeitgeist’s preferences when it comes to web user experience. The success of your website depends on just 4 simple concepts, which all web users are looking for:

happy-members-08Relevance – does your site successfully provide salient information?

More often than not users are looking for information when they come to your site. For an organisation with a niche subject matter to inspire your audience to join, you must be seen as an expert in your field. This means keeping information up to date and easy to find. 

happy-members-09Usability – is your site easy and intuitive to navigate?

One mistake membership organisations tend to make is to have information overload on their homepage. The key is to provide users with a simple site they can navigate through with ease using concise, well presented menus and calls-to-actions (CTAs). If the site is too complicated, information and CTAs can get buried and users are likely to give up and go elsewhere.

happy-members-10Aesthetics – does your site look appealing?

The look of your site is definitely not the most important thing for your members, but it can make all the difference. Be sure to have a design that is appealing, with important CTAs enticing, while remembering not to cloud or overpower your information. Add multimedia; video, social media feeds, photography, graphics to provide information engagingly.

happy-members-11Identity – does your site demonstrate your uniqueness?

“People buy people” has long been a mantra in the sales industry, and it’s very important to consider when it comes to web design. Photography, smiling faces, team pages and testimonials are all great ways of providing that closeness, that personal touch which can transform a casual site visitor into a fully-fledged member.