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21 July 2015

Latest Senior release asks: “Are you a News Addict?"

Senior Internet has another fresh new build hot off the press!

This latest project involves an interactive quiz for our long standing collaborators, Newsworks. The site has been designed to find out web users’ favoured use of newsbrand and aligns with Newsworks’ goal to encourage the idea of the ‘newsbrand’ as a way of preserving newspaper enjoyment in this digital world. This is the latest in a line of successful and engaging projects, designed to motivate visitors to discover their newsbrand habit which, in true Newsworks style, is fun and attractive as well as informative.

Senior and Newsworks work constantly together to improve and get the best from their web presence. They receive regular refreshes and updates, and on top of this, our partnership has seen us collaborating on some entertaining and effective developments similar to this one in the past.

Their ‘Why Advertise in Newsbrands?’ animated infographics bonanza and their ‘Geek Calculator’ have both proved incredibly popular and successful at achieving Newsworks’ desired results. The latter attracted over 150,000 people to the site on its first day and generated more than 300 days’ worth of onsite activity. We’re very proud to say as well that in total we’ve won 4 prestigious industry awards with in just 3 years with Newsworks.

Play the news addict quiz!

This quiz is good fun so we recommend taking a peek and discovering what kind of news reader you are! Watch this space for more impressive and funky new projects and builds!