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11 December 2017 Chris W

Pages that pop: how to bring your website to life

As part of the design and development team here at Senior, we are always absorbing trends and tailoring them for membership organisations. Advancements in web languages and improved browser compatibility has allowed us create engaging ways for users to interact with otherwise static content. CSS, a language used to control a website’s layout, now boasts support for 2D and 3D animations which has allowed us to create impressive animations without the need for external requirements. Moreover, Javascript is now supported by all modern browsers, and Senior are always finding new ways of making content more dynamic using this robust language.

Here are three ways that Senior can bring your membership to life online using CSS and Javascript;

Parallax backgrounds | Cabwire

Parallax scrolling has seen a surge in popularity in the last few years, and is achieved by making a background image scroll at a different speed to the foreground content, producing an immersive illusion of depth.

The most basic way of achieving this effect is to fix a background image’s position to the browser window rather than a section, so it doesn’t scroll with the foreground content. However, some truly remarkable effects can be achieved by using multiple layers which scroll at different speeds.

Senior’s design for the Cabwire conference uses an effect where impressive images of the venue scroll at different speeds to the content to enhance the user experience. Equipped with this sleek new microsite, this year’s conference saw a sizeable increase in new attendees and in the rate at which tickets sold.

Interactive timelines | BPCA

The history of a membership organisation can often extend over multiple decades, creating a wealth of information which can be difficult to organise succinctly. The developers at Senior have created interactive timelines for a number of clients to display key historical moments in an engaging way.

The website for the British Pest Control Association ( boasts an impressive side-scrolling timeline with a helpful navigation to help users navigate to key moments. This particular timeline is fully integrated River’s Listings module, which means the client can add new entries to their history quickly and easily.

Animated infographics | Shoreham Port

The days of scrolling through exhaustive lists of facts and figures are coming to an end! We have worked with several clients to communicate key statistics from reports in new and inventive ways.

Shoreham Port’s annual report is brought to life by an intricate fullscreen animation which combines CSS transformations and several Javascript libraries to create something a truly unique and engaging experience. Statistics count up from zero and key information slides into view from different directions, accompanied by a number of animated diagrams to illustrate important from the busy port’s year.


These are just a few of the ways Senior can enhance your web content. Visit our portfolio for more examples, or give us a call today to chat about your next project.

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