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06 September 2016 Christine

The art of offline marketing

For almost 20 years we’ve been keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and equipping our clients with the absolute best tools to maximise their exposure to their members. Over the past 2 decades those marketing trends have migrated into the online world, so much so that some might question whether there is a place for print in marketing. Luckily the answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes, of course there is’.

Providing your members with a tangible, tactile item – whether it’s an invitation to an event, a newsletter they can fold up and read on the train or a flier inviting them to renew their membership – can be hugely effective.

shoreham port


Most membership organisations create annual reports which contain vital information for their members. Often these are printed to ensure they’re reaching the right people, but they can be copy-heavy and long. You don’t want to compromise on important content, so making it refreshing and engaging with graphics like the BSDA did will help achieve the results you need.


We’ve developed and updated branding for many of our clients like Shoreham Port, taking each organisations’ ethos, aims and current trends into account. The result is a recognisable, future proof design which is adaptable to the ever-evolving digital world and can be used throughout the organisations’ on- and offline materials including the website, letter heads, banners – even mugs!

Invites & events

bsda-bannersBeautifully designed and eye catching banners, stands and posters for your next exhibit or event like those we created for the IWMA’s annual conference are of course a must, to encourage members and clients to engage with your services, but how do you get them to the event in the first place?

Sophisticated, printed event invites provide your prospective attendees with a keepsake that feels much more personal, in fact, according to, “7 out of 10 Americans report that they find direct mail advertising more personal than online ads.”

When they get there you can also use print to ensure they have quality, on-brand agendas expertly crafted for each guest.

Offline campaigns

We’ve found that one of the most important periods in a membership organisation’s calendar is renewals time. A quick postcard letting members know that renewals are around the corner is an ideal way to keep it in mind. You can also use it to provide QR codes or initiate a competition. It’s a really simple technique, takes very little time to execute and can be hugely effective.

print article

The best part is, Senior are more than equipped to help; we’ve been providing offline materials to our clients for years, so we can say with confidence that print is as effective as ever, arguably more so, as absence makes the heart grow fonder. Get in touch to see how offline materials could revolutionise your marketing strategy.

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