British Soft Drinks Association

Clean and user friendly while still presenting information in an intuitive, engaging way

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Their project

The BSDA represents UK producers of soft drinks, including carbonated drinks, still and dilutable drinks, fruit juices and bottled waters.  As the collective voice of the UK soft drinks industry, BSDA provides a common industry view, at a UK and European level, on the legal, technical and social issues concerning soft drinks to political and media audiences.

The BSDA was experiencing problems which many membership organisations face; a text heavy, technical website which was unfriendly for users. We were first approached to redesign and redevelop BSDA’s online presence and this was to lead to a much needed update of their overall brand image, including offline materials.




Our approach

We began by creating a playful colour palette which complemented the existing blue and mint logo. These new bright, vivid colours allowed us to start injecting life into the website pages which were designed with clean typography and layout.  Parallax animated banners, along with other appealing transitions encourage a fluid user-journey throughout the site.


The outcome

We worked closely with the BSDA to develop the colourful and fresh branding of the website, which has led to the development of offline materials. Since their site launched we're delighted to say that it has been honoured with several awards including a W3 and WebAward!






Offline materials

We’ve worked with the BSDA to carry the sophisticated and fresh look of their online presence through to their offline materials. For the past 2 years we’ve developed both their annual UK Soft Drinks Report, as well as items more specific to the organisation, such as the Economic and the Responsibility Reports.





Campaign work

In 2016 BSDA wanted to take a different approach and wanted the report to showcase the sugar intake reduction initiatives that soft drinks companies were undertaking and also the industry’s plans for the future. They also wanted to demonstrate other achievements in the areas of education, employment and the environment.

Report 2016

Due to the success of the BSDA’s 2015 report, Senior were chosen again to deliver. The aim was to present BSDA's recent campaign data to political and media audiences so it was imperative it looked professional, fresh and accessible. Infographics presented stats in an engaging, easily digestible way and matt paper stock showcased bright, lively photography and graphics.