River can integrate with a multitude of third-party systems, from CRM to payment gateways and everything in between.

Software integrations


There are many parts that go in to an association website to keep it performing as it should, and it’s of paramount importance that each piece of software you use works together harmoniously. This is why River is built not only to integrate with our own suite of River membership software, but many other third-party systems.

No matter what your association offers, ensuring all systems are perfectly integrated will mean that you can spend time and focus on what matters: your members and your organisation’s growth.




Your CRM

A perfectly integrated CRM system is a huge benefit to a membership association. Automate access to member content and website features through subscriptions. All purchases, applications and other actions completed on the website will automatically populate within the CRM. It also means you can tailor your marketing and member areas to each individual’s preferences, for a more personal member experience.


Your payment provider

Whether you’re using Sage Pay, Worldpay or any of the other third party payment gateways out there, it’s vital it communicates smoothly with your CMS and CRM. If you’re taking payments for events, membership, online learning or products, a flawless integration should be your top priority to ensure your organisation can achieve its financial goals.




River and other applications


Other applications

There are so many resources out there that you can use to give your members the best user experience, and to keep your institution hitting its goals. Something as small as the ability for your members to comment on your blog articles can help you understand your members better, so integration is essential.