05 July 2013

Geek Calculator attracts 150,000 visitors on Day 1

The Geek Calculator, created by Senior for client Newsworks was so popular yesterday that it trended on MSN.

Launched at 7.00am, the Geek Calculator was picked up and featured on the home page of the Daily Mail website. Visitors started to flood in. By mid morning the Calculator had been used by 20,000 people.

The Telegraph picked up the feature and put it on their main news page. Visitor numbers increased further. By lunch time the calculator was being used by 2,000 consecutive visitors.

Word was spread through Facebook and Twitter and further newspaper websites picked up the vibe and thousands of visitors assessed their geekyness throughout the afternoon.

By the end of the working day the calculator had been used by over 100,000 people. The numbers were picked up by MSN, it trended and featured in the trend list.

And to finish off a perfect launch day Simon Mayo picked up the trend and plugged it on his Radio 2 drive time show. More geek tests continued throughout the evening and by the end of day 1 the calculator had attracted over 150,000 visitors.

A fantastic demonstration of creativity, marketing and technology relisiance.

Exciting day :-)

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