24 July 2018 Stuart

The benefits of picking an agency with a membership niche

To discuss this, we must first go back 22 years to 1999, when Senior Internet began. 8 years later after building up a thriving business “making websites that work” Senior landed their first ever membership organisation client. As the agency was still relatively young at this point, working closely with this client meant developing CMS software alongside them. Senior’s software developed a natural groove, one that fits perfectly with associations. Over the years, Senior has developed sophisticated membership software that today serves over 50 organisations in the sector.

So what does all that have to do with you? Well, when the time comes to choose the agency you’ll work with on your next web project, there are certain benefits to working with an agency who has carved out a niche within the association community.


The beauty of working with an established agency is that you will have dozens of organisations to ask should you need to seek a recommendation, or check that agency’s credentials. What’s unique about an agency with a niche is that you can be sure to get an accurate idea of not only the end product but what the whole process of work will be like, by asking clients.


An agency that has completed hundreds of projects within the membership sector has built up plenty of experience, not just within web design, but within the membership sector. You can be reassured that many membership website problems have already been solved before your project starts.


Most agencies cannot share ideas and technology easily among clients. But membership is different – with the lack of competition between associations, innovation and idea-sharing is welcomed and encouraged. Ideas that work on your site can be shared amongst other clients and vice versa, meaning you’ll never be short of ideas to improve your membership website.


River, our content management system, is tailor-made for membership organisations and is the foundation of our membership community. Each module of River has been designed based on feedback and the needs of user groups formed from our current client base. You get a system that focuses on membership.


We know that as someone who works for an association, you have busy times of the year, such as around conference or renewal time. Our help and expertise don’t just end when your project is complete. We’re here to assist you and to make sure you’re getting the most out of our services, always dedicated to keeping your site working for you and your members – all for free.

Join our community

We like to think of ourselves as a membership organisation too, with clients as members. It helps us focus on what matters for membership associations. If you want to chat about your next membership site then contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.

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