24 December 2015

The future today: technology around us

You’ve heard of the Apple Watch and Smart TVs, but 2016 is set to be the year that automation becomes more mainstream. Clothes, appliances, toys, cars, even glasses – it won’t be long until everything is online. In 2016 your watch will not only tell the time, but track your heartrate, your fridge will order your shopping, your glasses will tell you what the traffic is like and your car will be your chauffer. The future is here!

How does this benefit membership organisations like you?

Ok so this is probably the hardest one to relate to, but it’s actually really simple. These technological advances mean that people are not going to wait around for a website that is old and slow. People don’t want a site which is text heavy, or not user friendly, or poorly designed and they will go elsewhere for information if it is offered to them in a more attractive and engaging way. If you’re eager to grow your membership and advance into the future then make 2016 the year you take a look at your online presence and make some well needed changes.

And if you’re not using an agency consider using one who is forward thinking and equipped to help you future proof your online presence, like us! Give us a call today!

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