30 October 2017

Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management’s site given a boost

Engineering council member IHEEM’s new site launches last week; a site which boasts a number of exciting features and an up-to-date new look.

We’ve been working with Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management – a busy third sector organisation responsible for keeping members in the know about developing technology and changing regulations – for many years now. Their previous site was launched some years ago now and this redevelopment marks the third since we partnered with them in 2010.

What did they want from their website?

Mobile responsivity is now the most important feature a website needs, since mobile has overtaken desktop as the preferred medium for surfing the web. This was a top priority for IHEEM as the leading association for the Health Estates Sector and therefore top of the list in this renovation.

They also wanted to increase their ROI from the website, and so increase the number of event bookings taken and applications received amongst other things.

Key features

Sophisticated new features include a nimble navigation which slides in from the side of the page, saving space on the homepage and eliminating clutter. Dedicated areas for both conferences and awards give each a proper platform and allow for stronger promotion of IHEEM’s events.

Custom membership pages also offer an interactive area to outline key membership categories. A stand out feature includes single sign-on with the association’s external membership partner website. This access is a valuable membership benefit, and this enables members to use it with just one click.


The organisation now has a website with creative and professional design and functionality which will grow with them in the future. The site is deeply integrated with the association third-party systems, allowing for undisturbed transfer of data between it and IHEEM’s CRM, keeping all up to date without need for input from the administrators.


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