05 April 2017

National Fire Chiefs Council's new site is fired up & ready to go!

Last week saw our second launch of March in the form of the National Fire Chiefs Council’s first ever website. In the summer of 2016 we began what will be a long and fruitful relationship with the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA). During this time CFOA were in talks with professionals in the Fire Chiefs community about the need for a more representative organisation where they could discuss legislation and other industry issues, and thus the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) was born. As the chosen agency for their main CFOA website development and CRM software, we were the natural choice to develop NFCC’s new site.

What did they want from their website?

The goal of the NFCC’s site is to deliver and develop the Fire Reform agenda to fire services across the UK. As the NFCC is a completely new organisation, they wanted to introduce and define who they are and what they stand for in order to unite the communities who make up their members. It was imperative from the start of their project that we establish their tone of voice and branding to give the organisation the strongest possible start.

Key features

One of the most striking features is the NFCC committees page. As the site is intended to bring together Fire Chiefs across the UK, their committees page needed to be flexible and well-presented, which is why we used River’s listings module. These can be kept up-to-date and edited easily from River. The same module was used for their structure page, essential for introducing the team, and designed with engaging pop-ups which show more information about each staff member.

A scrolling feature on the homepage encourages an intuitive user-journey and allows visitors to find the information they need and explore the site easily without having to trawl through information not relevant to them. For a future-proof and dynamic feel, icons and hover-over effects were incorporated into buttons, and expertly designed imagery, graphics and icons throughout ensure the site is user-friendly.


The initial aim for the NFCC site is to have its own presence separate from CFOA, while still being explicitly related. This has been achieved with links to the CFOA site in their global navigation and a somewhat similar look and feel which still stands out as a separate entity.

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