19 December 2017 Christine

Voice technology

With the arrival of new and more sophisticated AIs comes voice technology. This year Apple’s home app's advert shows exactly how users are expecting to interact with their smart tech; via voice control. Up until now the internet has been a purely visual medium, with most communication being text-based aside from the music and video industry. Now that AI is growing and becoming more user friendly, it’s clear that users want to be able to talk to their screen and see results.

What has been exciting to see this year is how markers have used voice technology to raise awareness about products and companies. There are a few companies who have already had a go including Comino’s Pizza and Burger King. Google has stated that “20% of mobile search queries submitted via its app are already done using voice” and it’s estimated that will increase to 30% in the next two years.

How could you use voice technology?

One interesting way to use this technology is via natural voice search. Siri and Google Assist have been helping people find the information they’re looking for online for years, and for website visitors who want information quickly and easily (which is all website visitors) an advanced search is an essential tool. Design hack suggests that “incorporating search terms that mimic natural language” will be an interesting way to ensure your site is more usable and intuitive in the future, meaning your members will feel more comfortable and confident with your organisation’s technology.

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