24 December 2015

Desktop dinosaurs: mobile is the new first screen

With the insertion of ‘Hamburger’ or ‘Hotdog’ navigations (feeling hungry already) replacing the traditional display, it looks like mobile will become the world’s primary screen in 2016. This points to another trend in 2016; that sites will be more user orientated. Navigation, layout and content will be more about ease of use and getting information across quickly and simply, rather than spending time on elaborate design and extensive copy. In 2016 less will be more.

How does this benefit membership organisations like you?

Last year we predicted that responsive sites would be essential to your web presence, but now it looks like if your site isn’t 100% designed to be viewed on a tablet or smart phone; your audience will completely pass it by. If your site isn’t mobile friendly then get on the phone to your web team (or better yet, Senior Internet) and talk about bringing your website up to date fast.

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Ask the experts - Andy, SEO and marketing manager

analytics andy

What are your top 5 trends of 2016?

  • VR games and augmented reality becomes popular on mobile and VR headsets
  • Facebook redesigns something small and everyone freaks out for a week
  • Restrictions on privacy/encryption everywhere because terrorists
  • Google states they have become carbon neutral
  • Drone delivery from Amazon begins

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